Athena Sixth Form College

Athena Sixth Form College offers a highly personalised curriculum for ambitious young people.

Students attend the college from a range of local secondary schools and the college has a reputation for academic excellence. Our average is a Grade B.
Students are all well-known and treated as individuals in order to develop both their intellectual abilities as well as helping them to develop as independent learners. We ensure our students achieve the highest possible academic outcomes through a combination of outstanding teaching and the close support needed to thrive in a more independent environment.
Athena also offers a wide variety of extra and super curricular activities to engage in as well as trips and visits. We want to develop in our students, a wider experience of the world and we encourage them to engage in a variety of activities including debating current issues, sport, arts, and STEM workshops, as well as engaging in volunteering and paid work should time permit.
We believe the holistic approach is best when it comes to further education as we see the whole student emerging, prepared academically and socially for a very bright future.

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